Canvas Transition Project

From iLearn to Canvas

Our campus is adopting Canvas by Instructure as our new Learning Management System (LMS). SF State, along with six other CSU campuses are making this migration to fulfill the Chancellor’s Office directive for one common CSU Learning Management System. Academic Technology is committed to assisting faculty and students with the transition. We recognize that a change to a new LMS is not a trivial undertaking, especially during a pandemic. Please return to this page for continued updates of our progress, and for resources that will facilitate the move to Canvas.

two students on laptops with masks on

Why Canvas?

SF State, along with six other CSU campuses are making this migration as part of the Governor's Office higher education budget proposal of 2020, and the final budget revision, all CSU’s, UC’s, and CCC’s are required to use one common learning management system. The Chancellor's office has informed the campuses that funding has been provided and all CSU campuses are committed to move to Canvas by 2023-24.

The Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) was selected for state campuses as a majority of CSU campuses had already moved and the 116 California Community College (CCC) campuses have been using it as a common LMS for the last five years.

Project Milestones

  • Spring 2022: System setup, stakeholder engagement, begin faculty migration process to Canvas
  • Fall 2022: iLearn is default for all courses
  • Spring 2023: Canvas by default for all courses, iLearn still available
  • Summer 2023: Prepare all remaining faculty and courses to be in Canvas
  • Fall 2023: Full cut-over to Canvas; iLearn will no longer be available for instruction
  • Beyond: Past iLearn available for procedural needs (INC's), Faculty access to course backups


A timeline starting in Spring 2022 when the project started and ending in Fall 2023 when iLearn is no longer available


  • Canvas will become default for all courses starting Spring 2023
  • iLearn will remain available until Fall 2023
  • Canvas Preview begins Spring 2022